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"Rising Tide"
by Rhododendron Road

7. Loves A Truck (3:56)

I'm a lucky devil. Let me count the ways.
'Cos my angel likes riding nearly every day.
She's a red hot mama and we always have fun
When we go for a ride into the setting sun.
Bless her heart. Bless my luck.
I'm married to a woman that loves a truck.

My nephew came to see me for some sage advice.
He said, “What should I look for when I choose a wife?”
I said, “Remember this, just remember, son:
You two will be together when the day is done.
Don't take a chance, don't trust to luck
Marry you a woman that loves a truck.”

Red ones, white ones, yellow, too.
Midnight black and metallic blue.
Mid-size, full-size, king cab, crew.
Dodge and Ford and Chevy, too.

As for me, it's simple from where I stand.
She's a good times woman, I'm a hard-drivin' man.
We travel well together down the road of life.
I bless the day that she became my wife.
Bless her heart. Bless my luck.
I'm married to a woman that loves a truck.

Words and music by Jim Choukas-Bradley.
Jim Choukas-Bradley: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Amanda Olsavsky: vocals;
Jesse Daumit: vocals, lead and rhythm guitar;
Jesse Choukas-Bradley: vocals, lead and rhythm guitar;
Jeff Reed: bass;
Mike Kuhl: drums .

Recorded at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA.
Engineered and mixed by Jim Robeson.

This song is a good natured tribute to love, marriage ... and pickup trucks. This one came to me more or less all at once at the end of a business trip as I was walking through the terminal at the Atlanta Airport. I sat down and scribbled
out five verses (or, as it turned out, potential verses) in the margins of an airline magazine.

The inspiration was an event that had occurred several years earlier when I bought a used pickup truck to handle chores around our family’s home near Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland. My wife Melanie wasn’t wild about the idea of us buying a truck at first. Then about three weeks after buying it we went to a party, where a friend casually said to me “Man, your wife sure does like that new truck of hers! I see her driving it around here every day!” After 35 years of marriage, “we still travel well together down the road of life,” in the words of the song. And our marriage and our two beautiful children are the blessings of my life.

The truck? We kept it for 14 years until trading it in to the “cash for clunkers” program last year.
Melanie drives a Prius now.

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